Sunday, September 15, 2013

The time has come...

The time has come for me to officially say good-bye to this blog. It has served its purpose. Addison and Solomon now have a written document explaining my heartfelt emotions from my journey to them and our early times together. Through my words, I hope I've encouraged others during their own journey of adoption. I've met many great people because of this blog and continue to enjoy reading about others' adoptions and child rearing stories.

Addison and Solomon are our hearts. Adopting these two sweeties was the best thing we could ever have done. Of course there are times when good parenting seems impossible, but all in all, they are such a joy. Addi and Soli act like typical siblings- loving each other's company one minute, fighting over space on the couch or something equally as silly the next minute. They are very protective of each other and will clearly be the best of friends as they grow older. Addison is very girly but tough, while "little brother" Solomon is 100% boy. They provide everyone in their presence with great entertainment and emotional sunshine.

Addison is now in 2nd grade and Solomon is close behind in the 1st grade. They are both doing extremely well in school. These two are smart little cookies and keep us on our toes. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! I am going to try to stay in touch on Facebook. Haven't done too well with consistency on that social network either! I leave you for now with pictures of our two little ones.

Peace to All,


Sweet Patience said...

Pat! I miss you.
I have not posted on my blog in a year. I just came on to read a few blogs since I had not had the opportunity to read in a while. I am glad I logged on today.
I totally understand your need to close the blog. I am feeling that way. We need to catch up by phone soon. I had intentions of updating mine this month. I will try to do it within a week.
You were definitely an inspiration to me early on and I am thankful for connecting with you years ago. We need to do better and get together soon.
Your kids have really grown and adorable. Thanks for being an inspiration to many of us.

pat2006 said...

OMG! Just visited your blog. Didn't know you guys had a sweet little girl. We are so out of touch! Please email me at

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon reading your blog.
Thank you for sharing part of your journey.