Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Belated New Year!

My sweet kiddos are growing up so fast! Addi is a kindergartner and Soli is now in Pre-K. Addi is such a good big sister, but Soli has found his own voice, independence, and interests. They are both as sweet as pie, but certainly have different personalities. Addi is the "teacher's pet" type of student, while Soli can make a teacher smile and frustrated at the same time. He asks "WHY?" a hundred times a day and continues to need to work on impulse control. However, he is clearly loved by his peers, has a smile that can melt your heart, and is very intelligent.

As you know, keeping up this blog is not my forte, so who knows when I'll post again. I can't even keep up with Facebook! Anyway, here is a recent picture of my two favorite children in the whole world!

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