Sunday, June 17, 2007

Aaron's First Father's Day

A proud father holding his happy daughter is such a joyous sight. The highlight of my day is watching the huge sweet smile on Addison's face while saying "Da-da" (or something of a similar tone :-) as Aaron walks through the door in the evening. Addison is usually eating her dinner during Aaron's grand entrance, but always stops just long enough to receive a kiss from her favorite guy before turning her attention back to one of her favorite activities...eating. I always knew Aaron would be a wonderful father, but seeing him in action far outweighs my predictions of his capabilities in what I believe is his best role yet - FATHERHOOD. He is Addison's consummate teacher, protector, and co-biggest fan (yeah, mommy and daddy share that position). Oh yeah, he's also Addison's favorite mode of transportation. When Addison sees Aaron putting on that Bjorn carrier---those plump little legs start moving and those arms start waving like she's trying flag down a cab!

The other day, Addison and I were headed out for a stroll around the neighborhood when it started to rain. I casually mentioned that I should push Addison around the house in her stroller since she was already strapped in and eagerly holding on like she was ready for some heavy duty riding. Without missing a beat, Aaron grabbed a towel and started cleaning her dirt packed stroller wheels so that she could enjoy her anticipated stroller ride indoors. By the sounds of her giggles and the size of her smile, Addison loved speeding around the house in her stroller. I don't think she cared that we didn't pass any trees, flowers, or barking dogs. The rain was not interfering with her daily stroller ride. I can only smile when he offers his physical and verbal assistance to our 10- month-old to help her stand, roll a ball, or chew. Yes, Aaron actually demonstrates chewing to our toothless Addison when he feels that she is swallowing her food without gumming it. I love how excited Aaron gets when Addison masters a new skill--ANY skill, rather big or small. Moments like these remind me of why I so wanted Aaron to experience fatherhood. I'm forever grateful to Addison for giving Aaron the honor of receiving these special blessings that come along with the role of "Da-da".