Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebrating Fasika

Orthodox Christians around the world celebrated Easter today (Sunday, April 27th) worshipping at candlelit services from Russia to Ethiopia before gathering their families for feasts. Orthodox Christians use a different calendar from Roman Catholics and Protestants, so their celebration of Easter usually falls on a different date from the rest of Christianity and always after the Jewish festival of Passover.

Last month at Keller's birthday party, Aaron, Addison and I met a sweet lady named Aster and her two beautiful children. Aster invited us over for dinner to celebrate Fasika. Aaron and I LOVE Ethiopian food and enjoyed it even before we started our adoption process. So needless to say, I quickly accepted the invitation and felt honored that she included my family in one of the most sacred holidays celebrated by Ethiopians.

Here are some photos of our special afternoon spent with the Gessesse family and friends (Aster is featured in the 6th picture), as well as our buddies Laura, Brian and Addison's pal...cutie-pie Max.




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