Friday, June 19, 2009

Introducing... Solomon Alemu

Here's our first image of Solomon. It was love at first sight!

We love you Solomon and can't wait to bring you home!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Passed Court!!!

I am thrilled to announce that Aaron and I are the proud parents of a son. As we slept last night, the Ethiopian courts were busy reviewing our files to determine if all documents were complete and clear enough to legally and officially declare us the parents of a beautiful boy named Solomon. Solomon is his birth name and we will keep it as his name. The biblical King Solomon was known for his wisdom, his wealth and his writings. Solomon was the son of King David. Wouldn't you know that Aaron's middle name is David! It was soooo meant to be!!!

We feel incredibly blessed and humbled that once again God has given us the honor and privilege to parent one of His precious children. As we make travel plans,we continue to keep in our thoughts and prayers the other families that are waiting to have their adoptions finalized by the Ethiopian courts. We didn't pass court the first time around with Addison's adoption, so I know how difficult the wait can be. If someone who's reading is still waiting to pass court, please know that it will happen!!! Once you meet and hold your child for the first time, the delays and disappointments will soon become a distant memory.

I'll post a picture later. This such an amazing feeling!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Court Date!

What a day it's been! No only did we celebrated a birthday, we received our court date which means we're one step closer to bringing home our son. We also received an update on his personality AND the most adorable picture a waiting parent could hope for. A June 18th courtdate is awesome since Ethiopian courts will close for two months starting in August. Please pray that everything will be in order so we pass court the first time around. Now that I've been "introduced" to this sweet child, I can't imagine waiting until the Fall to see his face in person. Here's the update (minus his name and picture) I received:

"xxxx is such an adventurous little boy! Today, he enjoyed playing with his blocks and attempting at every opportunity to steal my pen when I set it down. We may have a future architect or artist in the making! He seems to be very inquisitive and intellectual. He even tried to make a break for outside when a caretaker opened the door. He was so curious and sneaky today! His curious nature makes him very exciting and fun to play with!"

Not only do I think he looks like Addison, his "inquisitive and intellectual" personality description sounds a lot like his big sister. I'm so excited to be one step closer to him and I just can't wait for him to come home!

I'll keep you posted!