Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008


I'm not that into Halloween. I dressed up as a child and went trick-or-teating, but I never understood why so many adults go nuts over Halloween. One very grown up neighbor told me it was his favorite holiday. Well OK! I must admit that last year I was slack in participating in the neighborhood Halloween hoopla. All the neigborhood kids were dressed in adorable costumes, and all I had for Addison was some cute pumpkin pajamas. One sweet neighbor gently scolded me for "robbing Addison of her 1st halloween. This year, I decided that I needed to at least get Addison a cute costume so she could participate in her school and neighborhood Halloween activities. I'm so glad I did because Addison (and her mom and dad) had a blast at several Fall/Halloween parties and she looked so stinkin' cute dressed up as a ladybug. Once during the festivities I made the mistake of calling her a bumblebee. I couldn't believe how she quickly corrected me with attitude, "Mommy, I'm a ladybug!" So there you go. Addison has fully been introduced to Halloween. Her parents have been reintroduced to costume hunting and having an excuse to have tons of candy in the house. I guess it's true that having a child allows one to relive some of the fun times experienced during childhood.

Here's Miss Addison. Just don't call her a bumblebee.

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