Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Look Who's One!

Yep, our sweetie is now entering the world of toddler hood. She's trying to walk, eats big girl foods, and is quite chatty when she wants to express her thoughts. Until I became a mother, I never understood why watching your precious baby mature is an odd mixture of excitement and sadness. It's exciting that she's blossoming into this little person and absorbing all that life has to teach her, but it's a little sad when my chubby little bundle wiggles out of my arms to head across the room for the new man in her life...a stuffed Micky Mouse. My little sweetie pie has made it perfectly clear that she never wants to see another jar of level 3 baby food, not when her parents are eating things that smell and look much tastier. I'm quickly reminded that I'm the mother of a one- year- old whenever something is taken from her. Yeah, those 60 second meltdowns are quick reminders that there's a little person in your life who's demanding that her wants and disappointments be known. I grabbed a baby reference book the other day to see if Addison was exhibiting the habits and behaviors expected of a one year old. My girl is the poster child for the typical one-year-old crew. At this stage, it's all about Addison and it's our job (and honor) to provide all the love, security, and nurturing that every child needs and deserves. So off we go into the land of toddler hood! Wish us well.